Stone veneer

Every piece of stone is cast from a special mold of an actual natural stone. Colors are unsurpassed. Manufactured stone veneer is cast from molds of real stone which makes it lighter than natural stone. Natural stone may require wall ties and footings, which, in turn, can increase installation cost and difficulty.


Stone veneer is lighter weight, designed to adhere easily to a variety of structurally sound surfaces, and is capable of installations that would normally be very difficult and costly to achieve with natural stone. Manufactured stone is approximately ⅓ to ½ the cost of natural stone.




Eldorado stone is one of our preferred stone manufacturers but we do provide many catalogs for many other stone company’s and you can even pick from your own preferred brand.


If you would like to know how the installation is done, watch video below.



How we install our stone...

Pick from these stone manufacturers


Click on the name of the manufacturer listed below and start searching for the stone you that fits your need.


1. El Dorado Stone Company (view site)


2. Boral America Stone Company (view site)


3. Denali Stone USA (view site)


4. Sunset Stone (view site)


5. General Shale (view site)



Once you have chosen the stone you would like, call us with the details of the stone you chose and Diamond Stucco will get you a free quote.



Ideas to think about...


Consider where you would like to add stone. An option you might like to consider is putting stone on the entire wall or the standard 3 feet high. You can add stone to the garage, second floor walls, or even your fireplace.


We can also frame the pillars around your home to achieve a regal look.


One last thing to think about is whether you want a stone sill caps or a stucco pop out cap to finish off the stone design at the top. Usually the stone manufacturers have a matching stone sill cap which is basically the top that provides handcrafted accents to add the extra finishing touches to your amazing project.